Monday, January 7, 2013


What does it mean when you make a promise?  Most of us think of promises to other people, but what about promises to yourself? You are your only hope of being happy and healthy and you cannot possibly be of any help to anyone else unless you promise yourself you'll be there.

When I was just a wee little kid without a care in the world, my mountain was small. But on my small mountain (which of course was massive in my eyes) I had small problems and small hopes and small victories.  I say small, because in comparison to my current issues they are, but my mountain has grown much taller.  My goal, as a kid was to be happy and happiness came from things like staying up late, toys, candy and being better at things than my little sister.  I had no concept of how my decisions effected others, I did what I was told and kept my promises simply because that's what my parents demanded of me and you never bite the hand that feeds you.  I kept my promises...Most of the time.  It's that moment as a child when you see that last dirty dish in the sink and think, "I should wash that and help out," not because you have to or it's the ' right thing to do' but because you genuinely care about how your decision  will effect the members of your family.

Compassion is something that is learned because innately we are built to survive, our instincts propel us towards self endurance, our own well being.  What I am proposing at this moment, is the idea that NOT being compassionate to one's self can actually negatively effect those around you.  Whatever you may believe in, whether it be Karma or repentance for bad deeds, whatever drives you to ' do the right thing' should not just apply to the people around you.  When you keep your promises to yourself, love yourself unconditionally, allow yourself to be free and happy, you will influence and thus positively impact every person around you.  So go ahead, wash that last dish, and then take a long bath.  Whatever promises you make, make sure you keep them, because it's much harder to forgive yourself then anyone else.

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