Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Continuity and a sense of the universal come with the knowledge of the inevitable alternation of tension and relaxation in eternal rhythms of which inhalation and exhalation constitutes one cycle, wave or vibration among the countless myriads which are the universe.  What is the alternative?  Thwarted, warped people condemning the order of things, cripples criticizing the upright, autocrats slumped in expectant coronary attitudes, the tragic spectacle of people working out their own imbalance and frustration on others." - Yehudi Menuhin.

This passage was found in the forward of 'Light on Yoga,' or  'Yoga Dipika,' one of the many books that dig deep into the heart, history and true roots of yoga, the practice to end suffering.  This book was recommended to me as necessary reading material before I start my training on January 17th.  As I slowly wade through it's pages, I hope to spread some of it's light through my posts.  It spoke to me on so many levels, personally it made me reflect on my attitude towards others when I am suffering of course.  However, globally, it weighs in on recent tragic events our nation has just been through.  Though this passage will be brief, and it is also my first, I want to leave on one note: as I begin this journey and apply these dreams, beliefs and hopes from my mat to my life and to my world, I hope to find perspective and balance and share my small findings consistently with you on my blog.


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