Monday, December 31, 2012


Recently I have decided that in order to improve my communication skills as a trainer/yoga instructor (what have you)  I would offer free training sessions to friends and co-workers until April.  Of course, the talk amongst the ladies was giddy and filled with thoughts of butt-lifts, bat-wing removal, six packs and of course, no more cellulite.  All of these things are good dreams to hold, but the reality of it, or so I have learned, is that it is not a workout, it is a lifestyle.  If you treat your workout and diet as if it weren't temporary (think about it, I bet 99.9 percent of you are simply doing it for a means to an end, like that one day at the beach) then you can build a foundation to last a lifetime.

I have a..."client,"who seemed to me like a very unlikely candidate to incorporate all the necessary aspects of a healthy lifestyle in order to improve her body.  So far she has proved me dead wrong and I have made a great friend in the process.  Yoga or any kind of physical training, much like meditation requires control over ones body.  And yes, you guessed it, just like most of us don't have control over our own lives, we don't have control over our own bodies.  Therefore, in that defining moment when you finally truly take a real breath, or balance, or find your core, or run that fourth mile, a wall crumbles down.  And with that wall comes everything that it was holding it there in the first place.  This means a stream of uncontrollable emotion that you blocked because you couldn't control it.  Good control leads to the release of things that ought not to be controlled.  Funny.

It is also curious as to who shows up and/or who needs to be prompted to show up and pushed to work.  It is a bit odd for me because I want to be hard on people, I want to push them, but I don't want to scare them away from something because it's hard.  I want them to work harder because it's hard.  I want them to do it simply because it's hard and the rewards will be that much sweeter.  Although, I think my experience today especially gave me quite a bit of insight as to what to work on as far as my communication goes and how to push people with positivity.  It's a work in progress.

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