Monday, December 31, 2012

Your fault?

Excuse me while I drag myself out of bed.  Excuse me I didn't get enough sleep last night.  It was my fault though, I went to bed too late.  Although, I did have to work well into the morning.  Excuse me I'm very grumpy, there is nothing to eat around here.  Well there is, but I shouldn't eat it.  At least I don't think I should.  Everyone else I know seems to eat it.  Everyone else I know has the same problems that I have.  Everyone else in this country eats this stuff and has the same problems I have.  They are tired because they go to sleep too late, they are grumpy because they eat this stuff and they are unhappy because it is their fault, but they are too confused to make the "right," decisions.  I am unhappy.  Here is a pill.  I am unhappy.  Here is a beer.  I am unhappy.  Here is a body.  I am unhappy.  But it seems to me that so is everyone else.

It is a sad reality that posted everywhere all the time are people having "fun," eating Big Macs, buying Victoria Secret lingerie, drinking Grey Goose vodka and wearing pounds of makeup and other anti-look-like-yourself products.  I have bought into almost all of it.  I don't blame myself, because guess what?  It's not my fault.  But guess what else?  It IS my fault for giving myself the time and credit to come to the realization that I am ENOUGH.

There is a quick fix for literally everything these days, but absolutely nothing addresses the root of these problems, which happens to be quite simply: how we address our quality of life and how we define it.  Unfortunately, the lot of us define our happiness based on the media and the people around us.  If we have the best things, look the best and make the most money than we are happy.  If we are not happy with all of this "stuff" (god forbid) SOMETHING must be wrong with us, right?  Now for those of us who are struggling, our unhappiness has a reason, so in that we take some comfort.  We also take comfort in the "fact" that once we do receive money, we can go out and be happy again.  

Cigarette advertisements are band in a handful of countries and since 2010 in the US, severely limited in the sense that there can be NO music, and NO sound effects.  Cigarettes are addictive.  Clothes are addictive.  Money addictive.  Food is addictive.  Sex is addictive.  We are animals and once upon a time these instincts, these pleasure releasing items were a sign that we were going to survive a famine, a harsh winter, or be able to pass on our genes.  We live in a world of feast but famine has never come.  We pump calories into our body and receive no nutrition.  We use people on a daily basis and receive no love or commitment.  We diet, buy clothes, makeup, and drink to feel better for an hour.  But our actual "need" is really no need at all.

Turn the TV off.  Stay away from the mall for a week.  Grab a handful of fruit, a cup of tea, your raggedy sweat shirt and a book.  Like a real one.  Twilight, Fifty Shades of whatever (it's porn with a fancy cover) and magazines don't count.  Nourish your body as well as your soul.  The addictions that this world has convinced you that you need will only add to your inability to help yourself choose to be happy.

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